Inorganic fertilizer. Potassium solution. Group Fertilizer 0-0-6 + 40 SO3

Activation of photosynthesis and defense systems. Contribution of S and K. Repellent of rabbits, cellar rat (dormouse), deer and wild boar: Protection of fruit trees, leaves, shoots and fruits



K2O 6 % p/p
SO3 40 % p/p
pH > 10
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The advancement of fertilizers involves increasing the quality and protection of crops and not only in production.

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Additionally, it has been observed that DT-RED applied directly (without diluting) on the trunk of fruit trees, olive trees, almond trees, etc. forms a coating whose smell and taste are unpleasant to rabbits and hares. The repellent effect is also effective in protecting irrigation lines, which are often the object of attack in summer.

The treatment is carried out during the first hours of daylight and preferably on a dry surface in order to achieve optimal adherence before nightfall. This practice ensures highly effective protection, which lasts for months, even when it rains.

Likewise, diluted at 5% v / v, it is an effective repellent against rabbits, hares, dormouse, deer and wild boar, providing protection to leaves, shoots and fruits. In this case, full effectiveness is achieved after 2-3 applications of the product, which are necessary to consolidate an unpleasant effect on the animal’s palate.