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Back to the origins

At innovArk we believe in agriculture like that of yesteryear, in which quality prevailed over quantity. However, aware of the production needs and the impact that fertilizers can cause on the environment, we develop eco-sustainable products that help the farmer to enhance quality and nutritional value without losing productivity.


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An ecological liquid fertilizer based on potassium and sulfur is revealed as an effective repellent of mammals.

This has been observed by numerous farmers who apply it directly on the trunk of fruit trees, olive groves, almond trees, etc. and on the hoses of the irrigation lines forming a persistent coating that disgusts rabbits and hares. The product diluted to 5% v/v also works in horticultural crops, to protect leaves and sprouts from the attack of rabbits, hares, deer and wild boars, although in this case 2-3 applications are needed during the initial stages of the crop to consolidate the effect of disgust to the palate of the animal.


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A liquid fertilizer for the development and care of your seeds

PROSEM is a liquid fertilizer with the nutritional contribution so that its seeds have what is necessary for their correct germination and, at the same time, it forms an unpleasant film to the taste of animals that usually eat the seeds, thus ruining your crops.